Monday 8 May 2017

The Other Us by Fiona Harper

Published by HQ on May 4, 2017

Top Five 90s Films

1. Strictly Ballroom

Not only is this one of my favourite films of the 90s, it’s my favourite film ever! I love the romance, the dancing, the quirky humour, everything! And that moment when Scott slides into the packed ballroom on his knees and arrives at Fran’s feet – it gives me goosebumps every time!

2. Green Card

I love this twist on the ‘marriage of convenience’ trope. I think what makes it extra special is that the characters are so different (and let’s face it, Gerard Depardieu wouldn’t win any beauty contests) but I totally believe in the love story. When they run into each other’s arms at the end…that’s when the sobbing starts!

3. The Sixth Sense

So clever, so beautifully acted. Even though it’s heart-breaking, it’s somehow uplifting and satisfying too. How can you not love this film? I still feel pleased with myself because I guessed the twist the first time I watched it – but only about a minute before it was revealed, so I can’t be too smug!

4. Double Jeopardy

I love a good ‘woman in jeopardy’ story, and this one staring Ashely Judd is one of my favourites. If I catch it on the TV, I always sit down and watch. I love the unlikely friendship that builds between her and Tommy-Lee Jones, and the look her ex-husband’s face when he realises she can kill him and get away with it! Favourite line: “I gotta hand it to you honey, there's nothing but pure hate driving you on.”

5. The Thomas Crown Affair

I absolutely love this remake of the Paul Newman film, starring Pierce Brosnan and Renee Russo – the chemistry between them absolutely crackles. Add to that a clever heist plot that I never get tired of watching and the will-they, won’t they romance, where you’re never quite sure if one of the two jaded and self-serving romantic leads is going to turn the other in, and this has to be one of my top five films ever, let alone the best of the 90s!

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