Wednesday 18 January 2017

Watch Me by Angela Clarke

Published by Avon Books on January 12, 2017

Watch Me is the second book in Angela Clarke’s Social Media Murders series, after Follow Me. Though it is a standalone, I do wish I’d read Follow Me first as at the beginning of the book it is evident that there’s quite a bit of backstory between DS Nasreen Cudmore and Freddie which I would like to become more familiar with. I do already own a copy of Follow Me, however, so I’m looking forward to going back and reading that one!

A teenager’s body is found – possible suicide. Another girl then goes missing – the younger sister of Nasreen’s boss – and a social media message is delivered, giving the police force 24 hours to save her life. The theory of copycat suicide is pushed aside as the case picks up the pace. Has she already been killed? Is the person who sent the message trying to steer them in the wrong direction? Can they save Lottie before it’s too late? These are all questions that are in your mind very early on and the answers had me hooked.

I loved the concept of Watch Me and the 24 hour period to save Lottie’s life. This increased the tension of the book right away and I found that with the book set in that timeframe, it stopped me from putting the book down as the urgency of the case inside the book transported into my mind and had be obsessing over every little detail so I could find out what had happened to Lottie. I loved that each chapter heading had the countdown on it. How can you put the book down when you know there’s only a few hours left to save a girl’s life?

Despite the urgency, I did find it took me a bit of time to settle into the story as I tried to understand more the connection between Nas and Freddie. Once I did that, I was more engrossed in the story and found it clever and compelling. I really liked Nas and found her to be an interesting character. That she thought she was the link between the victims fascinated me and added more edge to her character. I enjoyed the insight we get into her role throughout and from the first page to the last, she is strongly developed as a character.

The pacing of Watch Me opened it up to be lacking in detail and clarity but that wasn’t the case here. I loved the depth to the author’s writing – how she could have me on tenterhooks with the fast pace of the book whilst still gradually developing the detail and building up a really vivid picture of the crime and the mystery. Watch Me is one of few books I have read which focus on a social media case. This one focused on Snapchat, something I’d heard of before without actually knowing what it was. By the end of the book, I was fully up-to-speed with Snapchat and fully put off it for life. There was quite a dark feel to the author’s portrayal of this social media – it was gripping, chilling and very gritty. You’d better call in sick – as once you’ve picked up this book there’s no chance you’re going to want to put it down.

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