Thursday, 28 July 2016

In a Land of Paper Gods Blog Tour: Etta's Character Profile

TITLE: In a Land of Paper Gods
AUTHOR: Rebecca Mackenzie
PUBLISHER: Tinder Press


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Jiangxi Province, China, 1941. Atop the fabled mountain of Lushan perches a boarding school for the children of British missionaries. While her parents pursue their calling, ten-year-old Henrietta S. Robertson discovers that she, too, has been singled out by the Lord.

As Japanese invaders draw closer, Etta and her dorm mates retreat into a world where boundaries between make believe and reality become dangerously blurred. So begins a remarkable journey, through a mystical landscape and to the heart of a war.

Etta's Character Profile
by Rebecca Mackenzie

Hello! Thanks for hosting me today on my blog tour for IN A LAND OF PAPER GODS. Set in 1940s China, the novel follows the story of a child growing up in a missionary school who, while her missionary parents are busy pursuing their calling far away in Northern China, discovers a divine calling of her own.

For today’s post, I’d like to tell you a little bit more about Etta, the novel’s central character.

Inspired by the photograph of Edwardian missionary school girls, where a child at the edge of the group is moving too quickly to be caught by the camera, the voice of Etta arrived, and soon became a rhythm that scampered across the page. Always on the move, she is sometimes naughty, quite precocious, and likely to say the wrong thing. But below this, there is a seam of sadness and longing, and somewhat misguided, it is this sadness that propels Etta towards danger.

English name: Henrietta S. Robertson

Prophetess name: Samantha (the girl version of Samuel)

Age: Ten years old

Appearance: Blonde, pale as can be, and too her disappointment, short.

Abode: Lushan, a mystical mountain shrouded by mists, with temples, ancient forests and capricious peaks.

Likes: singing like a Chinese opera singer (a sound like a blue-bottle that unfortunately others want to swat), having prophecies, going out-of-bounds, especially to the tunnel.

Dislikes: Big Bum Eileen.

Greatest hope: To find her mother and father.

Greatest fear: That once found, she will no longer remembered by her parents.

Quote: But the Chinese ladies would not look, for tug, tug, tug, they wished to pull my strange white hair. ‘It’s a ghost-girl,’ they said, shuddering, before reaching out their hands to touch me once again.

In A Land of Paper Gods is published today.


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