Monday 4 April 2016

Reviewed: The Night That Changed Everything by Laura Tait and Jimmy Rice

The Night That Changed Everything was published by Transworld on March 24, 2016.

Thanks to Becky at Transworld for sending me a copy of this book to review.

The Night that Changed Everything is written with such warmth and wit, making it an absolute joy to read even when you really don’t want to see it come to an end. The writing duo of Laura Tait and Jimmy Rice write so authentically and seamlessly together and the story just bursts off the page, full of chemistry, friendship, humour and all the little things in between that make life what it is.

Rebecca and Ben are the perfect couple. They’re not forced upon us that way but it’s just so evident from the moment they meet. But this book isn’t about their relationship. Laura and Jimmy expertly weave Rebecca and Ben’s love story together over the course of a few chapters and as the reader we can see how they just fit together so perfectly and as we fall for their relationship, the author duo delivers a fictional kick in the teeth by splitting them up. But I learnt to forgive them because everything that followed was written so engagingly and this was one of the most entertaining books I’ve read in so long!

The style this book is written in is so fresh and vivid and the alternating chapters from Rebecca (written by Laura) and Ben (written by Jimmy) work so well together, delivering an honest and believable portrayal of life after a break-up and how in-amongst the doom and gloom there are still plenty of moments and people to smile and laugh at and to help you through. The Night that Changed Everything might not be a book about two characters living a plain-sailing, blissfully happy and romantic life but it is a book about friendship and how picking the right friends can contribute so much to that “happy ending”.

I adored the characters in this book and that definitely contributed to me being glued to the book from start to finish. I loved Ben and Rebecca, flaws and all, right from the funny circumstances they meet in and as they broke up, I was feeling like that friend stuck in the middle who wants to support them both but has no idea how to do that without offending one or the other. In The Night that Changed Everything, that person stuck in the middle was actually Jamie, who was such a lovely, real character and who also happened to be the best mate of both Ben and Rebecca. I loved how though there was an emotional level to Jamie’s character, he still seemed to take everything in his stride and was just someone who embraced and loved life.

There are other supporting characters in this book who contributed in their own way to the story without just being there to fill the pages. Danielle, Jemma, Russ, Tom and Avril (who could forget Avril?) might not have been seen across every page yet each one is still memorable and added to the way the story unfolded and ended. Laura and Jimmy crafted and delivered a brilliant cast of characters who don’t simply leave you as soon as you’ve finished the book.

The pace and flow to this book is very easy-to-read and addictively so, which means I did fly through the pages with a few oohs and aahs at all the little twists and turns throughout. It took a while before I had an idea where the story was going to go because a fair bit of the book is unpredictable and that’s a big part of what had me engrossed. I loved the humour too which was there all the way through the book and felt real and very refreshing to read, although it may result in some deranged laughter on the reader’s part at some of the one-liners and witty moments. At the same time, The Night that Changed Everything delivers emotionally too and I found a few heart-stopping moments where I had to frantically read and re-read to see how this was going to impact the story.

All I can say now is: read it! I loved this book and I’m sure I won’t be alone in that.


  1. This is a fantastic review. It sounds like a great read. I have added this to my wish list.

    1. Thank you Tanya, I'm sure you'll enjoy it.


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