Sunday 13 December 2015

Q&A with Michelle Scott, author of Straight to Hell

Can you sum up for us what Straight to Hell is about?

This is the story of an average, single mother who suddenly finds herself working for the devil. Thanks to a curse on her great-great-great-great-great grandmother, Lilith Straight is now a succubus (a temptress). It’s not a role she’s comfortable with, and it severely impacts her everyday life. Luckily, she’s also introduced to an uber-hot incubus by the name of William Benedict. William likes to think of himself as a bad boy, but the truth is that he has a heart of gold. Together, Lilith and William go up against one of the worst demons in hell.

Where did the inspiration for this book come from?

It started with an image I had of a suburban mother in hell. I wasn’t sure why she was there or what was going to happen to her, but I knew that she wasn’t going to like it. Apart from the free designer clothes and the fact that she can eat whatever she wants without gaining a pound, Lilith hates hell. I also thought about the crazy characters that populate Lilith’s life – her lazy, ditzy sister, her psychotic eleven-year-old niece, and her evil ex-husband. I wanted to mix the concept of the hereafter with the here and now. And try to answer the question of what it was like in hell.

What made you want to write in this particular genre? What stands out about it for you?

I’ve always loved to read urban fantasy and paranormal romance. There’s something exciting to me about vampires, demons, and shifters prowling around our twenty-first century world. I think that these otherworldly creatures have fascinating adventures and have always hoped to meet one of them.

If you could co-write a book with any other author, dead or alive, who would it be?

What a great question! I think I would choose Stephen King because he has always been among my favorite writers. True, he writes horror and not chick lit/urban fantasy, but I think we could make it work. I’ve always admired the way he writes his characters. He makes them so real!

What would be some of your best tips for aspiring writers?

Read, read, and read some more! The best way to learn how to write is to study other people who make a living from it. It’s also helpful to read outside your preferred genre. You never know what you’ll learn from reading a non-fiction book, for example. I’ve learned so much from reading other authors.

Where did your love of writing come from? Is it something you’ve always wanted to do?

I credit both my parents for my love of writing. My mother always made up bedtime stories for me when I was a kid. She has a fantastic imagination. My father is a terrific story teller. In fact, his whole family is. I’ve always wanted to be a writer. I think from the time I knew what a book was.

What is your preferred method when it comes to writing? Planner or do you like to go with the flow?

I pretty much go with the flow. Although, I do make notes and try to come up with some kind of outline. Nothing set in stone, just something to give shape to the book. On the other hand, I’ve written hundreds of pages of a book before I finally came up with a plot. How can you write a book without a plot? I’m not sure, but I’ve done it. A lot of times, I start with a character and move from there.

What’s next for you? Anything exciting you’re working on or any cool plans?

I’m always working on something! Right now, I’m planning the next book of the Lilith Straight series, and I hope to have that out before the end of next year. I’m also working on a Gothic mystery/thriller set in the upper peninsula of Michigan. It’s kind of a haunted house thing with a hot romance. Also, I have about twenty other ideas lined up in my head. Writer’s block has never been a problem of mine!

Straight to Hell, book one of the Lilith Straight series, is available on Amazon.

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