Sunday 2 November 2014

Review ~ Mishaps & Mistletoe by Tilly Tennant.

Title: Mishaps and Mistletoe.
Author: Tilly Tennant.
Genre: Chick Lit.
Source: Bought.
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars.

Purchase: Amazon UK

Treat yourself this Christmas with a meltingly romantic short story from Tilly Tennant

Phoebe has had a terrible year, starting with the death of her boyfriend and ending, three weeks before Christmas, when she’s sacked from her job. The bills are piling up and she’s desperate enough to find herself working as a Christmas elf in the grotto of Hendrick’s Toy Store. As if the job description isn’t bad enough, Phoebe doesn’t like children. There’s nothing wrong with them, they’re just not for her. Neither is there any escape from a boss whose only language is sarcasm, and an alcoholic Santa.

Then one morning Maria comes into the grotto – a little girl unlike any she has met before. Phoebe doesn’t know it yet, but Maria and her dad are about to shake her life up in ways she could never have imagined…

Mishaps and Mistletoe was the most perfect of Christmas short stories. Set mostly in Santa’s Grotto, this novella was packed full of festivities with presents, Christmas lists and of course, Santa and his elves being kept busy with lots of excitable children. It was sweet and funny and Tilly’s charming style of writing turned this into such a beautiful, feel-good story.

Phoebe is all set to start her new job – as a toy store Christmas elf – after punching the landlord in her previous job and in turn, finding herself unemployed. A Christmas elf is not exactly where she wants to be, given she’s not that fond of children and she’s struck with the sad memories of last year’s festive season. But she wasn’t expecting to encounter Maria and Jack, a little girl and her dad with a sad story of their own. Maria was just the most adorable character! Like most kids her age, she loves the little things Christmas brings like any toy that Santa may bring her but most of all she really wanted her dad to be happy. She was tugging at my heartstrings just like Phoebe’s and I really wanted her to have the best Christmas.

Tilly did a great job at making me really care for these characters – it wasn’t just that I was sympathising with them – it was made so easy for me to get behind the characters and want the best for them. Phoebe was really thoughtful and caring, Maria was the most considerate of little girls and Jack was so evidently proud of and defined by his daughter. They were the sweetest characters and individually deserving of a special Christmas time.

Mishaps and Mistletoe is so short, there’s little I can say without giving too much away. But can I just stick with saying how much I loved it? It was fun and cute and a little romantic and I loved all those simple little touches that I couldn’t help but smile at. It maybe had a touch of being too good to be true but I really didn’t mind – in fact I loved the whole build-up towards the ending where I was so eager for a happy ending and a kind of fairy-tale Christmas for characters who really deserved it. I can’t fault Tilly’s writing at all – this novella was so gorgeously written and really captured the spirit of Christmas. It’s well worth the buy just to inject yourself with some of that lovely, addictive Christmas spirit and for that reason, I can’t help but wholeheartedly recommend you read Mishaps and Mistletoe too.


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